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I want to put a floating floor on a very large surface: 5m x 13 m. Kitchen opened on living room. What grade of parquet should one choose (do you have a mark?) And which space of dilatiation should one foresee? Should I plan an expansion in the middle of the room? If yes, are there threshold bars of 5 m? thank you and good luck.

A kitchen is an important place of passage and subject to severe constraints: humidity, grease stains, oil, various shocks, etc. The parquet is not, a priori, the ideal coating for this type of room. That being so, it is therefore important first of all to retain a sufficiently hard and therefore resistant to shocks essence: for example the Oak, of wenge, of merbeau or from teak (which you can treat as "boat deck") A vitrification (actually a varnish) will protect the wood from stains.
Concerning the taking into account of the dilatations, it is necessary to spare a space of at least 8 mm in periphery, which will be hidden by the skirting boards or by a round fillet if the skirting boards of origin are preserved. In addition, the cumulative width of the floorboards must not exceed 8 m. Beyond that, a splitting joint is needed. In your case, the most aesthetic solution is to establish this joint to the right of separation between living room and kitchen.
I do not think there are any threshold bars over 4 meters in the trade. You can still butt two ground bars.

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