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When you want to build your home and you do not necessarily have the budget to call an architect, other solutions are available to us. Among them, one more and more used by individuals: choose your house catalog, with predefined plans.

Choose your house on catalog: how does it work?

Choosing your home catalog, it may seem a bit strange: there are no catalogs for houses as there are for mail order ?!

And yet... home builders all have a catalog, which includes many models of diverse and diverse homes (wooden, traditional, industrial...), meeting all our expectations in terms of space and volumes.

Once we have chosen the house of our choice, we do not waste time with the plans of construction of the house, since they are predefined!

What are the advantages of choosing your home on the catalog?

  • No bad surprises. When choosing a catalog house, the constructor this is not his first attempt; this house, he has already built it several times, and we have no doubt been able to see what it gave when finished by visiting a house. Perfect when you dread unpleasant surprises!
  • A lower customizationbut possible. We are not going to lie to each other, choosing a catalog house offers a very slight margin of maneuver in terms of customization, and tailoring is almost impossible. But still, after visiting a sample housewe can ask the builder for adjustments or modifications for our own house.
  • According to his budget. When you choose your home catalog, each element of the house has a predefined price. We can choose the elements we want according to its budget, without the risk of seeing it fly away!
  • Quality plans. When you choose your house catalog, you can be put off by the side "my house is not original". But in fact, more and more architects and builders are also making available their catalog of achievements. On the internet, you can even find and download (for free or not) plans made by architects.
  • A single interlocutor. When one chooses his house on catalog, it is the builder who manages the whole of the works. We will not have to choose an electrician, a plumber, a heating engineer... A saving of time and considerable energy!

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