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The room is a space where we spend privileged moments, solo, couple or between brothers and sisters. We then make sure to arrange it carefully. In order to preserve the harmony or the intimacy, one can consider to separate it in two, to create two rooms, to install a corner office, a dressing room or a small space lounge. How to proceed?

Separate a room in two

Separate a room in two

Cloison without doing big jobs

Separating a room in two for a small budget is quite possible. It is then sufficient to adopt removable separation devices. For example, you can install a sliding door, a curtain, Japanese panels, blinds or modular partitions.

All these solutions allow to separate the room in two, ephemeral and without distorting the space or mount a hard wall. With these dividers, you can create a physical and visual barrier while having the possibility to open or close the space, if necessary. Side price, fifty euros is enough for a curtain. It is necessary to envisage some hundreds of euros for a delimitation a little more complex.

Furniture and screen: a modular separation

Another way to separate a bedroom in a simple way is to use furniture. We can then turn to shelves, a library or a headboard high. In addition to additional storage space, the room is carefully separated in two.

For those who do not want to clutter the space with new furniture, there is the solution of the screen. Note that a removable separator does not isolate noise and does not really provide privacy, especially if it is a room for children or adolescents.

Fit a solid partition

If the budget allows it and if the prospect of carrying out relatively important work does not constitute a brake, the room can be separated in two definitively, by creating a new wall or by making modifications to the openings and partitions already present. Thus two new, truly independent rooms can be obtained, each having an entrance and a window or roof window.

In the case where the sub-ceiling volume is comfortable, it is also possible to create a mezzanine by raising part of the room. If this solution can be interesting, we should expect quite substantial work, requiring the recruitment of professionals.

Attention because creating a wall is a big job and the house can easily become a real building site, with the noise, dust and other inconveniences that may arise from the work, not to mention the price factor: it must provide a consequent budget of the order of a few thousand euros.

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