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Home DIY Services

In recent years DIY offers and small homework are more numerous. On the internet and in the press, various companies offer a range of services for your accommodation at more or less affordable rates. To make your own opinion about these DIY professionals, this week DIYDiscount has decrypted the available offers and offers a report on an intervention by Ghislain, a handyman of the company turn-and-screw.

What is DIY at home?

Home DIY services are considered personal service offerings. Here, specialized companies offer a range of services from the installation of a curtain rod to unclogging toilets. This is usually small second-job work such as plumbing, gardening, electricity or interior design, made by DIY professionals. These minor but very useful interventions rarely exceed two hours in duration. In addition, some home DIY companies also address professionals and take care of everyday tasks such as the maintenance of premises or green spaces.

The different home DIY offers.

Home DIY Services: services

Home DIY companies offer different packages at more or less affordable rates. You can opt for DIY at half an hour, hour or for two hours. If you need regular help, some companies offer cards or packages of several hours allowing you to make small savings. Note however that it is rare to find offers of more than two hours in a row. Indeed, the work of more than two hours is no longer part of the service to the person. In terms of rates, they vary between 20 and 60 euros per hour depending on the company, namely that you are getting closer to the capital and higher rates are high.

The advantages and disadvantages of DIY at home.

If Home Improvement is very popular with individuals, it is mainly thanks to these particularly affordable rates. Indeed, these benefits fall within the scope of the services to the person and are therefore refundable at 50% after deduction of taxes. In addition, unlike building professionals, DIY home-based businesses have much more flexible schedules and availability. In addition, their average response time does not exceed 48 hours, which is far from the case for most craftsmen. Thus, for small repairs, it is better to use a DIY home-based company that will provide you with qualified professionals. Only downside, this work is not covered by the ten-year warranty as would be the case if you had appealed to a craftsman. Most are guaranteed for at least two years. Finally, to make your own opinion on home DIY services, DuitDesign invites you to spend a few hours in the company of a stakeholder of the company Tourne-et-vis

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