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Undertaking the connection of his property to the electricity network, goes through a number of steps. In order to find you there, the following article reviews the connection request itself, explains its price and how to commission electricity.

The demand for connection to the electricity network

For all network connection requestthe owner of the property will have to contact the electricity distribution system operator.

An application file will be completed and returned to the manager, either by the owner or through an electricity supplier (previously contacted by the individual to help him in his efforts).

If necessary, the manager may contact the owner of the property (or the supplier) to clarify his situation.

The information thus provided will enable the development of a technical study. On the basis of this information, the person in charge of the electrical connection may also determine the cost of the work.

Cost of connection to the electricity network

The network manager then sends a connection estimate to the owner.

This document states:

  • the nature of the work to be done
  • works remaining the responsibility of the individual
  • the price and terms of paymenta planned date of commissioning of the electrical installation

The overall price of the connection to the electricity grid depends on:

  • the requested power
  • of the population density zone of construction

Warning: this overall cost, will not take into account any additional work, such as a network extension, an earthworks or the installation of a sheath in the property.

Commissioning after connection

The commissioning of electricity usually occurs once:

  • that the connection works are completed and paid
  • that the electricity meter is placed
  • a certificate of conformity for the indoor electrical installation is issued
  • that the individual has a contract with a supplier

If the individual wishes to commission the electricity before the end of the work, he will again have to sign a contract with a supplier and obtain the certificate of conformity (approved by an approved body).

To note: this certificate is the responsibility of the professional and certifies an installation in compliance with the regulations in force.

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