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Practical and easy to install, these low-profile boxes with integrated lighting are equipped with lift-up doors offering good accessibility to their contents.

Fixing height kitchen cupboards

Difficulty: 1/4
Cost: about 400 €
Time: ½ day
Equipment: bubble level, flat screwdriver and cruciform, hammer, drill, screwdriver, step ladder...

To set up their small kitchen, the owners have chosen high furniture melamine particle board about 40 cm high.
Less bulky than standard elements (H. 70 to 90 cm), they are equipped with a lift door in aluminum and tempered glass, which saves space and visually lighten the space. Equipped with a fluorescent tube waterproof ruler, they also provide direct lighting on the sink and the worktop (pay attention to the switch that must be away from the water point)...

To take care of the implantation of his kitchen cupboard

Before assembling the furniture, it is necessary to determine how high they will be in relation to the worktop.
No rules or standards: everything depends on the configuration of the other elements and the size of the users.
Knowing that a hood must be placed at a maximum of 65 cm from a gas-fired plate and 75 cm from a ceramic hob, it is difficult to locate furniture below this limit, especially if they are attached to near the cooking zone. Beyond that, it becomes difficult for a person of average size to access their content...

Provide a solid anchorage for the kitchen cabinets

Each box is equipped with a lift door with specific hardware (compass) with built-in damper. If the assembly of the elements can be easily done by one person, it is better to be helped for the installation of the caissons.
Indeed, to draw the location of the holes on the wall without laser level is a dangerous exercise in solo! Unless you take support, as here, on the song of the credence, a cleat or a piece of furniture in place...

1 Mounting the boxes

Assembling the bottom of the kitchen cabinets

  • The bottom of the box lay flat, screw the sides in the aluminum frame, then place the fluorescent tube.

Fit a kitchen cabinet

  • Nail your back after checking the squareness.
  • Insert the translucent glass shelf into the bottom grooves to check for friction with the ruler.
  • Remove the glass shelf.

Drill kitchen cabinets for electrical wiring

  • After marking on the wall and reporting measurements, drill down the back of the box with the hole saw (Ø 25 mm) for the passage of the electric cables.

Assembly of kitchen furniture

  • After having screwed the angle brackets, position the box level.
  • Draw the drilling marks through the brackets and drill with a drill adapted to the nature of the wall.
  • Ankle and screw (with washers).

Solidarize two kitchen cabinets in height

  • Fix the second box in the same way, then hold the elements with two clamps.
  • Screw them together.
  • Install the fastening covers.

Fixing a wall cupboard in a kitchen

  • Fix the upper unit (with its angle brackets) on one of the boxes held in position with clamps.
  • Screw it on the wall and in the element below.

2 Installing doors on a compass

Installation of shock fittings for a kitchen cupboard

  • Record and trace the location of the fastening screws of the two built-in dampers (90° opening) for the lift door: about 5 mm from the inside edges of each box. Screw them (3 screws Ø 4 x 35 mm).

Put the lever of the lid of a kitchen cupboard

  • Screw (3 screws Ø 4 x 35 mm).
  • Then remove the safety and open the lever carefully.

Locating the drilling points of a kitchen cabinet to be mounted

  • On the doorframe, mark the drilling points of the male part of the fitting using a template (supplied).
  • Drill with a metal drill bit (Ø 2.5 mm).

Screwing elements of a kitchen cabinet

  • Screw the element on the upright.
  • Work on a flat and stable support to avoid breaking the window.
  • Renew these operations for each door.

Closing the flap of a closet door

  • Engage the two elements, sliding the male part in the lever then pressing the flap to lock the fitting (we extend a "click").

Laying the door of a kitchen cabinet

  • Before placing the cover, check that the door fits perfectly on the housing.
  • Rectify slight offsets, if necessary.

Mood lighting in the kitchen

Kitchen cabinets placed high

The installation of a fluorescent tube strip integrated in the high furniture offers several advantages. Practical and aesthetic, it allows to visualize the contents of the cupboard at a glance but also to bring a direct lighting on the work plan. Finally, it transforms the atmosphere of the kitchen, the night comes...


• 3 boxes of 70 x 39.8 x 37 cm
• 3 glazed aluminum doors 70 x 40 cm
• 3 pairs of hardware for lift doors with integrated damper
• Fluorescent tube strip
• Corner brackets, screws

Video Instruction: Stay Lift Cabinet Door Adjustment Guide by Dura Supreme Cabinetry