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I am designing a wooden garden shed to store my gardening tools and bikes. It will be roughly 6m2 single slope roof. It will be leaned in a corner of my garden on two dry stone walls of 2.30m high and 60cm wide. I do not need to make a shelter with 4 wooden walls but I can take advantage of the angle formed by the dry stone walls to come only with the 2 sides remaining. One question remains: how to fix the wooden frame of the roof and the 2 gables on this dry stone wall? With what type of process?

Provided that these walls are sufficiently strong and stable, the only solution is to settle in the stone with lag screws and ankles, long enough to cross the wooden frame and anchor deep enough in the stone. For medium hard stones, use a hammer drill and concrete drill. For the hardest stones, it is necessary to use a hammer perforator, the latter being generally available at the hirers of material.
In some cases, the fragility of stone assembly does not allow the above solution. I would recommend in this case the anchoring on the ground of a bastaing (with a foot seal as for a fence post), leaning against the wall, on which you normally anchor your construction.

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