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Define your interior door project.

Do you want to replace an interior door or install a new one? Before rolling up your sleeves, it is better to prepare yourself to determine your needs and plan everything you need. To guide you in your project, HandymanDuDimanche invites you to define and plan it to leave nothing to chance!

Step 1: Define the required skills.

Installing or replacing an indoor door is a relatively simple operation, accessible to all do-it-yourselfers.

Step 2: Define the construction time and the necessary manpower.

Allow about one to two hours to install an interior door.
It is better to get help from a second person...

Step 3: When to begin your project?

This type of construction is possible all year round.

Step 4: Define and choose the necessary products and materials.

To choose your door, it will be necessary to take into account your needs, your budget as well as its location, its radius and its opening side.

Step 5: estimate the budget.

Your budget can be extremely variable depending on the type of door and finish chosen. Plan at least about twenty euros for a model first price.

Step 6: where to start?

Start by finding information by searching for information on the Internet or in specialized books and journals.

Install a door block.
Install a door frame.
Install an accordion door.
Replace a door block.

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