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Having a desk in your living room is a real benefit for many of us. However, it is important to delineate this space so as not to encroach on the family's living space. It is possible to delimit it with shelves or a screen. Today, you are taught how to make your office space a pleasant space.

An orderly space
To make this space enjoyable for the whole family, start by sorting and storing your belongings. Folders, bills or coffee cups that hang out must be stored in their place. The bazaar in the corner of the living room could disturb other family members. When planning your space, make sure your office is easy to access, well oriented and you are not bothered by the sun. Also be sure to have enough power outlets around you, it would be a shame to put an extension cord in your living room, or to let out a pile of power strips and the electrical cables that go with it.

Furniture to your taste
This corner office will be your space, so it is important that the furniture you like. No way to get your grandfather's old desk covered with scribbles. Even with a small budget you can find a design office, which you like and looks like. Be careful though, as you are not in the premises of a company, but in your living room, it is necessary that the decorative objects that you add will agree with the rest of the room and please the whole family. Do not use more than three different colors for your entire living room, always stay in the same style of furniture and harmonize textiles.

A well thought out and stylishly decorated office area can quickly become the asset of your living room!

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