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To split firewood, you do not need an ax, merlin or corners. The hydraulic power of the log splitter saves time without much effort.

Using a splitter

The log splitter makes it possible to cut logs to adapt them to a fireplace, insert or boiler making work easier.
There are two types of hydraulic splitters: vertical or horizontal. The engine can be electric or thermal.
The electric version is a practical solution for the beginner or occasional lumberjack.
The hydraulic splitter works smoothly, without jerks, and requires little effort to the user, except that of bringing the log on the machine and simultaneously lowering the actuation commands of the cylinder.

How to use the log splitter:

Control arm of the splitter

Install each control arm by tipping it forward, control handle out.

Order the splitter with his arm

The control handle moves in the arm.
Push its end into the ring of the control board.

splitter pin and spar

With a pin, secure arm and handle by locking the axle that passes through the spar and the arm under the apron.

mast flanges and splitter table

Adjust the table in the mast flanges to one of three heights (59, 78 or 104cm) depending on the length of the log.

lock the table of a log splitter

To lock and unlock the support table, operate the tabs on the brackets.

Claw holding a splitter

Loosen the retaining claw screw on the control arm to match the diameter of the log.

Connect a log splitter

On the back of the power unit are the socket and the on / off buttons.
Connect the device to earth.

Monitor the oil of a log splitter

Check the oil level regularly using the dipstick.
Change the oil every 100 hours.

Fit and use a splitter: hydraulic

To reduce the spreader wedge stroke, adjust it.
Stop the machine, loosen and pull the knob from the stem.

Fit and use a splitter: handle

Grease the mast before each use and the sliding surfaces between the mast and the guide every ten hours.

Fit and use a splitter: handle

Work on a flat and solid surface. The log centered on the table, squeeze it with the arms against the claws.

Fit and use a splitter: control

Lower the controls at the same time: the wedge is going down.
Releasing a hand stops him, the two go back up.

Fit and use a splitter: splitter

The wedge splits in the direction of the thread in general until the end.
With a very hard wood, finish the cut with an ax.

Fit and use a splitter: control

While going up, the divider corner can drive the log. Tap on the top with a hammer or a hammer.

Fit and use a splitter: handle

The cross-shaped corner is an option for splitting a log in four. He is screwing on the corner of origin.

Splitter with wheels

Given the weight of the splitter (115kg), the running gear and the handle on the top of the mast facilitate transport.

The log splitter: also for rent...

Very effective, a splitter of hydraulic wood does not remain less expensive to the purchase.
Count more than 500 € for an entry-level machine that accepts logs up to 104cm in length. In case of really occasional use, you can always rent it for the day (35 to 55 €), even for half a day or for the weekend (85 €).
You can find contact information for rental companies in the yellow pages or by searching the Internet.

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