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Install a shade sail in your garden or on your terrace to enjoy your outdoors protecting you from the sun but also prying eyes. Practical, aesthetic, the shade sail adapts perfectly to all exteriors.

The shade sail

The shade sail

What is a shade sail?

A shade sail is a canvas stretched between several fixed attachment points, walls, trees or masts. Inspired by boat sailing, shade sail or solar canvas you protects against UV, decreases the effect of "greenhouse" as well as glare and limits solar radiation in your interior if it is placed in front of a bay window.
The surface covered by the canvas can be larger or smaller and with different shapes. Simple to install, it allows you to have a larger shade area than with a parasol while remaining aesthetic.

  • Be careful, a shade sail is not adapted to bad weather or cold, so it must be disassembled in winter, before a storm or a rainy / windy episode.

The models of a shade sail

The shade sails sold in the shops are triangular, square or rectangular with sizes ranging from 2m side up to 8m for the largest rectangular. You also have the possibility of having a custom made one if your exterior to cover requires specific ribs or a particular shape.
A solar canvas can be permeable or waterproof:

  • The first has mesh openwork that will not protect you from the rain.
  • The second a little more resistant than the first one protects you from the bad weather.

Like the shade cloths, the higher the weight of the shade sail, the thicker the canvas will be.

The installation of a taut sail

Choose the location of your shade sail so that you provides maximum shade during the summer months.
It is important to vary the height of the various anchor points when installing a shade in order to have a slope to better evacuate the rainwater.
You can use one or more anchor points on an existing wall (recommended to create a solar barrier of your interior) or on masts specially adapted to this use of stretched sail.

  • Think of fixing accessories because they are rarely sold with the canvas (carabiners, turnbuckles, dowels, wall plates, poles).

It is imperative that you consult the instructions for proper installation of your shade cloth.

The advantages of a shade sail

  • Presence of a shaded corner on a terrace or in a garden more important than using a parasol. It is quite possible to combine several solar sails together to cover a large area.
  • Protection against UV and light rain.
  • Deco trend and design of your outside and possibility of associating different colors of canvas.
  • Easy movement thanks to the masts or multiple installation in various places of garden for corners of freshness and idleness.
  • Easy to maintain and minimal space when not in use.

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