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Shaping a bonsai

This young conifer (a juniperus) whose potting in the rules of art, was the subject of the sheet "Repotting, preparation of the container", will now undergo a formatting inspired by a classical model: the half-cascade or in the appropriate language: Han-Kengai.

Necessary material

  • Scissors
  • Flat clamps
  • Cutting pliers
  • Copper wire
  • Brush
  • watering

Shaping a bonsai: shaping

1. The young plant that has just been cut, will now be sized and shaped. It is therefore necessary, in the first place, to cut off the branches which hinder this operation in the light of the form one wishes to give it.

Shaping a bonsai: bonsai

2. Then tie a copper wire at the base of the trunk without tightening too much to avoid leaving a trace of it later. A pair of flat pliers makes the operation easier to perform.

Shaping a bonsai: subject

3. Make the twists around the trunk on the parts that will have to undergo a strong curvature.

Shaping a bonsai: shaping

4. Now proceed to the shaping of the trunk according to the chosen model. It will be here a form of inspiration "Han-Kengaï", said in half-cascade. Bend gently and gradually the trunk armed with its copper wire, apprehending the resistance of the wood.

Shaping a bonsai: trunk

5. Once the shape obtained and the branches considered useless cut, proceed to the cleaning of the foot of the tree with the brush which is part of the panoply of any amateur. There must be no vegetable waste on the surface of the soil, both for the aesthetic aspect and for the health prevention of the subject.

Shaping a bonsai: shaping

6. After a gradual wetting, a conventional watering will consolidate the structure of the earth that may have been slightly shaken by the manipulations that led to this shaping.

Shaping a bonsai: bonsai

7.To understand how this manipulation could be realized and to stay in the imposed form, it is necessary to remember that this subject, during its potting, saw its mound hampered by two crossed but invisible son of son since covered by the earthy mixture. This maintenance may remain in place for a year or more, or wait for the next repotting of the subject.

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