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Sharpen a saw

Because a poorly sharpened saw is a dangerous tool, it is important to maintain it from time to time.

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Tools and materials needed:

A third-point file
A sharpener vise (two wooden planks or a notched stake will also do the trick)
A cloth
A flat file

Step 1: preparation

Start by thoroughly cleaning your tool with a dry cloth.
Place it then in the vice or block it with the means of the edge.

Sharpen a saw: advice and maintenance: blade

Before you start, look at how sharp the saw's teeth are to work the right way.

Step 2: shaving the blade

To sharpen your saw properly it is necessary that its blade is well worn that is to say that the spacing of the teeth relative to the thickness of the blade is the same everywhere. With pliers or flat screwdriver, restore balance by pushing the tool between the teeth, one to the left, one to the right.

Sharpen a saw: advice and maintenance: blade

Step 3: Sharpening the blade

With the third point, sharpen your blade respecting the original sharpening direction.
Sharpen the teeth one by one, pushing the file in the opposite direction to the direction of movement of the blade. Be sure to give the same number of strokes to each tooth in order to obtain the most harmonious and efficient tool possible.

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