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Suitable for all types of pools, even the smallest, the flat pool enclosure is a model of discretion and efficiency.
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Flat pool shelter: discretion assured

The choice of efficiency

The choice of efficiency

The Primo Plat swimming pool shelter is a discreet element that does not distort its immediate environment. Composed of different modules, consisting of an aluminum structure and a polycarbonate filling, it can, depending on the needs and weather, protect all or part of the pool. Their composition is reduced to a minimum, the handling is facilitated and its storage simplissime. In addition to preserving the cleanliness of the water and maintaining its temperature, it forms a safety barrier eliminating the risk of falls. To make handling a little easier, the modules can be optionally equipped with an assisted lift system (Etaimagics). It allows the opening of one or more modules as easily as a hatchback car thus making the pool quickly accessible and passable.

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Materials such as aluminum and polycarbonate give this shelter resistance to all climatic conditions, regardless of the region of implantation. But like any external work, to continue, it must be maintained. The flat appearance of the modules calls for regular cleaning of the surfaces to remove all residues (plants, etc.). It does not exempt to check annually the different fasteners, sealing...

An installation in the rules

Even if, in the texts, such a shelter does not require any declaration in town hall given its low height (less than 1.80 m), in certain cases it will be necessary to go through the box administrative formalities. This is particularly the case for pools of more than 10 m2. It is therefore better to inquire with the town planning department of the municipality by specifying the project. Only they are able to guarantee its feasibility and under what conditions.

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