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Shelves increase the storage space. Recesses and recesses are their favorite places.

put shelves between two walls

In old homes, the walls are not always perfectly squared, and the angles then take some freedom with the 90°, which complicates taking measurements before the installation of your shelves.
One thing is certain, the boards must be cut to the exact dimensions of the space to be equipped. To get by, use a false square (available in all major DIY stores), and use two wooden sticks (falls of cleats) to calculate the odds, it is more convenient than a meter ribbon.

find the odds to put shelves

Locate the location of the bottom shelf, mark the markings of the support bracket using the level.
Cut it to the right length (3 cm shorter than the width of the tablet).

put cleats for a shelf

Make two pilot holes in the cleat for the screws.
Introduce a pencil lead to locate their location.
Fix the dowels and screw the cleat on the wall.

taking dimensions for a shelf

Take the exact measurement between the partitions by sliding two falls of cleats until they touch the walls (pass an elastic band around the cleats).

take the exact measure of a wall angle

Place the false square against the two walls, take the exact measurement of the angle thus formed and tighten the "butterfly" nut.

postpone measurements on shelves

Place the square on the shelf, lining it to the length.
Trace the edge from the measurement record.
These calculations are to be repeated for each shelf.

fix the shelves of the shelf on their cleat

Lay the tablet on its bracket.
Using the spirit level, draw in pencil the mark of the second support.
Fix it as the first.

a template to identify where to drill the fasteners of shelf brackets

If the gap between the shelves does not vary, make a template of the desired height.
CAUTION: Before using a template, make sure that the support brackets are the same (same height) to avoid cross shelves. (The template can also be made with rigid cardboard.)
Place this template on the shelf against the wall and locate the holes in the top bracket.

coat the screw holes in a shelf before painting

Before painting the cleats, plug the screw holes in the coating applied with the spatula (or even the knife blade).
Allow to harden before sanding.


  • Spirit level
  • Bevel
  • Planed fir cleats
  • Screwdriver drill
  • Screws and dowels (to choose according to the material of the support)
  • Hand saw or electric saw (jigsaw or circular saw)
  • Pencil
  • Fall of plywood (for the template)
  • Filling plaster (type "finishing plaster for wood" polyfilla)
  • Spatula

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