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A lease contract for an empty dwelling must be of a legal duration, and a minimum of three years. However, it is possible to rent unfurnished accommodation for less than three years. Under certain conditions!

Short term lease: the conditions

According to article 11 of the law of July 6, 1989, the lessor owner has the possibility to propose his housing to rent for a duration less than the legal duration, to know for a duration less than three years. However, to do this, several conditions must be respected.

  • The lease must be for a minimum of one year.
  • The lessor owner can only be a natural person or a family real estate company.
  • The lessor must justify the reasons for the short duration in the lease and this, very precisely.
  • These reasons can only be professional, such as a professional transfer pending or retirement, or family-related, such as a marriage. The landlord can not recover his housing for other reasons.
  • The landlord must confirm the end of the lease two months before the event date by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or by bailiff.

If these conditions are not respected or if the owner did not give confirmation by registered letter, the lease contract is supposed last three years (the legal term for a bare rental).
To note: the landlord has the opportunity to postpone the event date. To do this, he must keep the tenant informed two months before the initial event date.

Other short term rentals

Two other types of rentals may allow a short duration.

  • A furnished rental. Here both parties are free to set the duration of the lease contract. However, it can not be less than one year. On the other hand, housing must offer all the equipment necessary for everyday life. In the opposite case, the tenant has the right to request a requalification of his accommodation (bare furnished).
  • A seasonal rental. This is a rental, empty or furnished, by the week, the month or the season. This is not a rental property.

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