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I have a second home in Ardèche (fairly harsh winter -13°). This is a house built in 1763, the walls are stone 0.65m thick and I just changed all the exterior joinery (wood and double glazing) and put the glass wool in the attic ( 28cm). The house is occupied regularly but for short periods. Currently, the heating is an oil boiler with cast iron radiators and other sheet metal. I plan to modernize the facility but I do not know what to do knowing that the floor heating option is not possible. City gas is not nearby. Should I continue the fuel or use another source of energy? One more would be that the installation is remotely controllable.

First of all, start by having a heat balance done to know the exact nature of the insulation work to be considered because the stone is not a good insulator.
As you have just changed your windows with insulating models, make sure the house is well ventilated to avoid the condensation phenomena related to the confinement of the indoor atmosphere.

For heating you have several solutions with in all cases, a management system, programming and remote control (telephone):
- keep the existing one by associating your boiler with a heat pump as the main source of heating (the boiler only comes into operation when the temperature drops sharply);
- complete your installation with electric radiators with heat transfer liquid or heating core of last generation also controllable remotely.

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