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The humidity of a stone house from the beginning of the last century that is currently covered with a cement rendering. If I remove this plaster and make the joints between the stones with lime cement. Will this remove some or all of the moisture? Are there solutions? Are there any resin-based products to put on the wall?

You do not indicate the part of the wall affected by humidity. If moisture mainly affects the base of the plaster, it is certainly capillary rise. The first thing to do is to find the origin, to drain if possible around the building and to reinforce the waterproofness of the foundations by loosening them and applying a bituminous waterproofing product. The resins are not to be applied "on" the wall, but to inject at its base to create a sealing barrier.
Plaster is not, in itself, the cause of moisture. It can, of course, prevent it from evaporating if the wall is moistened from the inside. So you will gain to eliminate it for drying the wall, but this will not be the solution to eliminate the humidification of it. Same thing for lime mortar joints.

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