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I would like to remake the impermeabilization of our facade which is very exposed to the rain. How do I proceed? I think to call a professional but I want to know the progress of the work and products to use. the wall is clouded by moisture and mowing.

A façade must be waterproof when it is porous and let the water seep through a pouring rain. These situations exist but are relatively rare: facades on the seafront, major cracks in the masonry, floors, etc. Your description of " blackened wall and mold"suggests a problem of lack of insulation and / or air renewal.
It is possible that several problems will be added, including a poor waterproofing of the facade, but it is important to move towards a company capable of making a serious diagnosis, before undertaking these facade works.
If the installation of impermeability is finally decided, several technical levels are possible: from "I1 to I4", depending on the width of the cracks and the degree of degradation of the masonry. Companies specializing in refurbishment are able to apply these systems, manufactured by most major manufacturers of paint.

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