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When we hear "telescopic shower column with shelves", we immediately believe in an episode of Star Wars or in a futuristic shower! In fact, behind this impressive name hides a more concrete reality, and very practical in everyday life...

Telescopic shower column with shelves: kezaco?

That we are reassured: a telescopic shower column with shelves will not hit us in the middle of our shower! A telescopic shower column, it is simply a shower column whose bar is adjustable, and who will be able adapt to the dimensions of our shower.It should not be confused with the shower column that connects the shower head to the faucet.

With its shelves, we can put all our toiletries (shampoo, shower gel, washcloth, etc.) with ease. And as the telescopic shower column includes several shelves (usually 4) arranged from top to bottom, children will not be forced to make efforts to catch their products that will be placed on the lowest shelf.

As a general rule, the telescopic shower column with shelves is angled and sits in a corner of the shower, between the ceiling and the shower tray.

The interests of the telescopic shower column with shelves

Here are the 3 great benefits of a telescopic shower column with shelves:

  • An ultra-simple installation. The advantage of telescopic bars is to adjust and adjust to the dimensions of our shower. If our shower is 2 meters high, we take a column that extends between 1m65 and 2m75, and we pull the top rod to 2m, then we screw, and it's over. No need to be a great handyman!
  • No need to drill. Generally who says "shelves" says "holes in the wall". But drilling holes in a shower wall can be dangerous (sealing problem, infiltration...). Thanks to the telescopic shower column with shelves, we have shelves without having to do the usual work!
  • Resistant materials. As the telescopic shower column with shelves will be constantly watered, it is better that it resists well! That's why the shower bar itself is often made of stainless steel or aluminum. As for the shelves, they can be made of stainless steel as well, but are usually made of plastic.

What price for a telescopic shower column?

The columns of telescopic showers with shelves are widely democratized, and the prices are quite reasonable. There are very good columns starting from 30 €, and prices rarely rise above 70 €.

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