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The shower column is an essential element because it allows to connect the knob to the faucet while camouflaging visually unsightly connections. Equipped with jets (or nozzles), the shower column with hydromassage is very popular for relieving pain, fight against fatigue and relax muscles. However, before buying, it is important to take some precautions to avoid making mistakes.

How to choose a shower column with hydromassage?

There are different shower column models on the market and it is not always easy to navigate. The model with hydromassage is composed of directional side jets, from head apple with different jets, a mixer tap and controls to select the different hydromassage functions. It comes in different materials. The plastic is appreciated because it is cheap and easy to maintain, the aluminum is modern and design but requires regular maintenance because of traces of limestone, synthetic resin is particularly resistant, safety glass is very aesthetic and deemed unbreakable while the wood brings an exotic and natural side despite its rather expensive price.
Some shower column models with hydromassage feature the hammam option for even more well-being or are equipped with accessories that make everyday life easier for you, such as a seat, a mirror, LED lighting, a radio or an mp3 player. For a simple model of shower column with hydromassage, count around 600 euros and more than 1500 euros for a high-end model.

Shower column with hydromassage: the precautions to take

Equipping your shower with a shower column with hydromassage can not be improvised and it is important to have adequate facilities. Be aware, first, that a shower column with hydromassage consumes a lot of water and it is essential that your home is equipped with a hot water tank of 300 liters minimum or a boiler with accumulation 150 liters. It is also strongly recommended to have water inlet pipes of 16 or 18 mm minimum diameter and with a pressure of 3 bar minimum. Indeed, it is only under these conditions that your shower column with hydromassage will work perfectly. Finally, be aware that it is not advisable to install a shower column with hydromassage in an Italian shower because the evacuation of water will not be done quickly enough.

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