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The showers in kit ready to ask, it is the ideal solution when one wants to change shower and one is a good handyman. With the shower enclosures in kit, one chooses the model, the materials and the dimensions, and after... there is more than!

Showers in kit ready to ask

Showers in kit ready to ask

The different elements of a shower kit ready to install

If we buy a shower kit ready to install, it will necessarily find at least:

  • For faucets: a shower head or shower column, and a mixer.
  • A shower tray (more commonly called shower tray) and a bung which will allow the water to be evacuated.
  • The walls and the shower door

If you are looking for a shower with a little more options, we can also find: a folding seat or bench, storage, radio, steam room, sauna...

Showers in kit: material, steps and skills required?

To make a proper installation of his shower kit, it is necessary to a minimum of material: a level, a set of wrenches and an adjustable wrench, a screwdriver (flat or cruciform, depending on the kit!), an Allen key, a silicone gun, a sealing tape, PVC glue.

The installation of a shower kit ready to install includes 7 steps:

1. Find the right place! It is thought to verify that the space is wider than the dimensions of the cabin to take into account the edges, the thickness of the walls, the opening of the door...

2. Lay the receiver. With a level, we check that it is flat, otherwise we adjust with sliding feet.

3. Connect the water outlet.

4. First install the bottom wall.

5. Fit the other walls.

6. End by the door.

7. Connect the shower to the circuit.

In theory, fitting a kit shower is within everyone's reach. In practice, you still have to be a good handyman! If our shower is not perfectly waterproof, we expose ourselves to significant water damage...

So we read carefully the notice, and especially we do not hesitate to get help from a second person. The estimated time is about 4 to 5 hours.

Price of shower kits ready to install

Models of shower kits are available ready to install from 180-250€ at the entry level. For this price, the materials will generally be aluminum and plastic, and there will be very few (or no) additional options (storage...).

The mid-range is between 400 and 650 €; the materials and finishes will be more mature, and we can start to find hydromassage shower options.

Starting from 700 €, we arrive in the high end: more noble materials, quality finishes, spa options (hydromassages, steam, sauna, music therapy...)...

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