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The decision is made, you redo your bathroom. A crucial choice then arises for you: shower or bath, what to choose? Before making your decision, the pros and cons of each solution should be studied calmly. Besides your desires, several criteria must be taken into account.

Shower or bath, what to choose?

Shower or bath, what to choose?

Solution 1: the shower

Theinstallation of a shower can be of considerable benefit in the case of a small bathroom. Indeed, the area of ​​the room is undoubtedly the first element to take into consideration. If there is not enough room to install a bathtub, then your choice is made: it will be a shower.

A shower also has many practical advantages. It is much easier to access than a bathtub, especially if you opt for a Italian shower. This model also has a non-negligible aesthetic side.

For the elderly, the shower is the ideal solution: easy access, she limits the risk of slips and falls.

The main disadvantage of a shower is that it will not offer you the opportunity to take a bath, a moment of relaxation and optimal relaxation.

Solution 2: the bathtub

Nothing like a good bath to relax and unwind after a hard day! If you are fond of this kind of method to relax and prepare for a good night's sleep, then the choice of the bath is essential.

Your bathroom is not very spacious? There may be a solution. Indeed, we find different bathtub models that can fit your space. The corner bath, for example, or the hoof bath, do not take much more space than a shower. There are also different sizes for rectangular bathtubs.

If you have young children, then no hesitation, you need a bathtub, whatever its size. It is much easier to give a bath than a shower to a small one! However, watching a child in a bathtub is imperative because of the risk of drowning.

Small negative point: water consumption. Filling your bathtub every day will significantly increase your water bill. However, an alternative isto install a door to your bathtub. So you can use it as a shower. Another disadvantage is its difficulty of access: for the elderly in particular, falls are a very present risk.

So, before you realize your project and choose a shower or bathtub, take the time to study your needs. Take into account the space available, the composition of your family and especially the use you want to make of your new bathroom.

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