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Ultra-trendy, the extra-flat shower tray is a good alternative to the walk-in shower. Just as discreet, it is however much easier to install and comes in many very resistant materials and easy maintenance. Here's what you need to know before embarking on the purchase of an extra-flat shower tray.

Extra-flat shower tray: the advantages

Highly sought after by those seeking the same aesthetic result as a walk-in shower, the extra-low shower tray has many advantages. Unlike the walk-in shower, it requires little work for its installation which makes it less expensive in terms of manpower. Available in many sizes and sizes, the extra-flat shower tray adapts to the space constraints of your bathroom and is very discreet because it has no edges. Design, contemporary and aesthetic, it brings a lot to the style of your bathroom.

Extra-flat shower tray: some precautions

Whether it is to be installed or recessed, you will need to provide a housing in the ground to accommodate the receiver and the siphon and if this is not possible, it will be necessary to raise the receiver. It is important to know that to install an extra-flat shower tray, it is necessary to have a vertical exhaust system (below ground) because the lack of space under the receiver makes it impossible to have pipes.. Use a bung of 90 mm in diameter and plan a flow gradient of 3 cm per meter to facilitate the evacuation of wastewater.

Extra-flat shower tray: materials

More and more present in the store shelves, the extra-flat shower tray is available in different materials to certain advantages. The ceramic is ideal for the budget and clean very easily. The shower tray in acrylic has the advantage of offering different colors and is very pleasant to the touch. The composite mineral is smooth, strong and easy to maintain. The polyconcrete, meanwhile, comes in a raw finish, smooth, satin or waxed. For those who want to bring a natural touch to their bathroom, opt for a shower tray in wood. The choice of material for your extra-flat shower tray will depend on your budget but also your desires in terms of aesthetics.

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