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Choosing a shower tray from the offer that exists on the market can be a real headache. To ask or to embed, in sandstone or in acrylic, round or rectangular, anti-slip or imitation granite... there exists for all the desires, for all the tastes and for all the purses. Follow our tips to help you see things more clearly.

The different types of shower trays

First and foremost, it's important to choose what type of bin you will install. This will depend not only on your desires but also on the configuration of your evacuation system and its technical constraints. The tray to be installed, is placed on the floor and is recommended with a vertical outlet, ie a drainage system placed below ground level.
When placed above the ground, it is called lateral (or horizontal) exit. With this kind of configuration, it is recommended to raise the tray and place it on a stand.
The elevating tray is therefore the easiest to install because it does not require masonry work.
The built-in tank is a great success because "buried" in the ground, it is similar to a walk-in shower while avoiding installation constraints. It requires an evacuation system located below the floor because the space under the shower tray does not accommodate the drain and siphon.

Shower trays: the criteria of choice

Once the type of ferry has been chosen, it is necessary to dwell on the different materials offered on the market.
Ceramics (or enamelled stoneware) is a classic because it is cheap, resistant, easy to maintain and comes in several colors. acrylic is a little more expensive but also much more manageable because it is very light. Resin Synthetic is very robust, has a good life and adds to the style of your bathroom. It is important to think about the shape and dimensions of your shower tray. They will depend on your desires but also space constraints. A rectangular tray is ideal for small bathrooms while a quarter circle pan will slip into a corner. The square shower takes up a little more space and the pentagon shower brings a touch of originality. The shower tray XL is also very popular with consumers. Everything depends on your requirements, your budget but also the use you want to give it!

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