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PVC shutters are more and more widespread in the countryside, by the seaside as in cities. Flying, rolling, protecting windows and windows, they fall or close on any type of opening. What are the reasons for their success?

PVC, a must-have material

PVC or polyvinyl chloride has a lot of assets. It is an excellent insulator. Ideal for energy savings, it is your best ally in the heart of winter, to conserve heat and protect you from moisture.

Rot and rigid, it is also weatherproof, unlike wood, susceptible to mold and sea air. This explains why the buildings at the seaside are equipped, almost always with PVC shutters.

Another quality, and not least, the PVC shutters require only very low maintenance unlike wooden shutters. To give them a facelift, a wet sponge and a little dishwashing liquid are enough.

Finally PVC shutters have a affordable price and are the cheapest on the market compared to wood or aluminum shutters. It should be noted, however, that PVC remains fragile. It resists badly to shocks and once broken or deformed, it must be replaced. In addition, it is not suitable for all forms, especially large formats that may deform.

PVC shutters and colors

For a long time, one of the weak points of PVC was the poverty of its color palette. Shutters were available, especially in neutral tones such as white, ivory and gray. Today is the past. PVC colored or plax is becoming more and more followers.

This technique, developed twenty years ago, comes from carpentry. It consists of thermo paste a color film totally unalterable and UV resistant on PVC. This at the end of manufacture. Thanks to this process, you can create many shades of light but also dark colors and convincing wood effects. The treatment "golden oak" is the most common, but there are also imitations birch, mahogany, or walnut.

To know. PVC is an ideal choice for interior shutters. Manually controlled or remotely controlled, in addition to their robustness, they can filter the light and create intimate environments especially by hot weather. In a sliding version, the lateral opening of the shutters seduces by its design side.

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