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Roller shutters in renovation

The installation of new roller shutters in renovation instead of the usual shutters of wood or PVC, allows a rejuvenation of facades that often gain unity and aesthetics. This renovation can also insulate and protect several openings in the same way, thus allowing substantial savings.

Roller shutters in renovation: shutters

1. There are three types of casing installation, which resolves the majority of cases that can be proposed in renovation. Either we add a box on the front with a winding outward, which leaves a wide air gap between the deck and the window; either one carries a laying of the box under batten, which makes it possible not to create relief on the facade. This last method of installation allows the winding of the shutter inwardly with a thick air gap or outwardly with a reduced air gap.

Roller shutters in renovation: shutters

Example of Rolling Shutter of renovation with box under lintel (Mono ID2 of Bubendorff).

Roller shutters in renovation: shutters

2. The photo details the various elements that make up a roller shutter in renovation.
1 - Chest aluminum pan square, cutaway or pan round.
2 - Aluminum slides that allow the guiding of the deck in opening and closing.
3 - PVC, aluminum or steel blades for 2/3 openwork.
4 - Maneuvering the winch either manually with winch and oscillating rod, or electric with operating button or remote control.

Roller shutters in renovation: renovation

3. Advances in home automation are particularly noticeable in the automatic operation of roller shutters. The remote control that can open and close his or her roller shutter is now a luxury for everyone. In individual control (1 fixed or mobile transmitter per panel) or grouped (1 stationary or mobile transmitter for simultaneous operation of all shutters), the radio control eliminates any wiring, which makes it a particularly effective argument in renovation.

Roller shutters in renovation: shutters

4. The automation of the control of roller shutters in renovation is facilitated by the possibility of replacing the electric control button of the old installation by this central "uno RTS", of design Somfy.

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