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Hello; We had a single-family house built in 2006, we had problems with first wooden shutters that after a few weeks the wooden slats moved away so we asked for the replacement of these shutters and we opted for pvc shutters because we were afraid it would happen again and pvc shutters to the first gust of wind they broke so there nobody any more !!!! So we have changed these shutters with another company SAGA to quote and we have choose resin shutters believed to be this time free from all worries but now that these shutters that were white have yellowed when we were told the opposite more there are screws that do not hold but here is the company SAGA No longer exists and it is now CONFORM AND HABITAT and they do not want to know anything, moreover it is always the same commercial and they always have products SAGA. I would like to know what recourse do we have? For your help thank you. Sincerely PS I'm listening to you all Weekend and thank you for your show which is very informative.

As indicated I believe in a previous answer, the company COMFORT AND HABITAT which took again the manufacture of shutters SAGA (company that was liquidated) does not take responsibility for the poor workmanship of his predecessor. Sorry to tell you that you have no serious recourse, other than to sue the liquidator of the company SAGA...

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