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The corner sink saves space and is therefore suitable for small kitchens. Far from being a stopgap, it comes in all shapes and can be a design element that awaits you at the turn for a convenient and aesthetic wash area.

The various types of corner sinks

For small spaces the mono-bowl corner sink is ideal. It fits into a furniture at right angles allowing to enjoy a square or round tray on one side and a draining space or worktop on the other. This model can be accompanied by an empty sauce or not.

If you have a little more space, you can fall double bowl corner sink. Same principle. Two bins on one side, and the empty sauce and the drip tray on the other. Think about the location of the drip tray, in advance depending on whether you are left-handed or right-handed. Unlike the traditional sink, the corner sink is not always reversible, which leaves the choice of the orientation of the various plans.

Finally, if you have an angle and a 90° sub-cabinet, butterfly corner sink is made for you. In the form of an eye, it allows one and more often a half tank for rinsing, while leaving space on each side for a worktop and a drainer.

The imperatives of a corner sink

The faucet is an essential choice to make the corner sink functional.Il must favor a swivel spout 360° so as to sweep widely the drip tray and vats, in a double tray or butterfly version. In the case of a single bowl sink, a tap that has a rotation of 90° to 120° is sufficient.

The sink cabinet must also meet strict specifications. It must of course provide a layout at the bottom for the passage of the supply pipes and water evacuation. It is also necessary to think of the dimensions necessary to embed or to place the tank according to its depth. Finally depending on the capabilities of the furniture, you can integrate either a bin attached to the door or prefer removable half-moon trays.

In general, the corner sink is more expensive than a conventional sink. Depending on its shape and the material chosen, its price varies between 400 and 2000 €. Customization is a long-term investment.

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