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Less well known than those confreres in stainless steel or ceramic, the tempered glass sink is a real innovation. Presentation of this ultra-trendy sink for a design kitchen.

Tempered glass, newcomer in the kitchen

If the heat-tempered glass has been used for a long time, especially as a material for car windows, its appearance in the kitchen is much newer.

Modern design, the tempered glass is obtained after being heated to very high temperature and then cooled in a very short time, which makes it so much more resistant than the classic glass.

The models are presented under different forms (square, rectangular, oval...) and dimensions (depth, width...). In terms of colorsthey are most often white, black, in shades of gray, or transparent.

Also, when talking about tempered glass sink, it is important to distinguish the various elements that compose it, including the worktop, the drainer and the bowl, because in contrast to the sink bathroom, a very large majority is equipped with a stainless steel tank.

The benefits of the tempered glass sink

In addition to its appearance aesthetic current and very design for a contemporary kitchen dressing, the tempered glass sink offers many other benefits.

Indeed, matter has the particularity of being very solid. In case of shocks, it will crack, without causing small sharp chips.

Tempered glass is also resistant to high temperatures, does not deteriorate under the effect of detergent products, and the bacteria do not adhere to it because the material is non-porous.

Finally, if he is easy to maintainfor example, with a simple cloth and a glass cleaner, it should be done regularly because it can accumulate traces of limestone.

The main disadvantage of the tempered glass sink, apart from the fact that it can be scratched out over time, is the purchase price, usually between 400 and 2500 euros. This price is explained partly because of its high quality which makes it a high-end product, and secondly because it is less widespread than other types of sinks such as stainless steel or resin. synthesis.

Finally, if the tempered glass sink is equipped with a stainless steel tank, the properties of this material should be taken into account to assess the overall quality of the product.

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