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Hello! We have built a detached house and after a more than painstaking start the walls were finally mounted. The problem is that we realized that instead of the opening for a French window in the kitchen, there is only opening for a window. I warned the construction manager who did not realize it and who does not seem to panic over that... He tells me that we will see this next week at a visit together on the site... Have to send a letter with AR mentioning this problem in order to be "covered" later or do not I have to worry? Thank you for your reply. cordially

It is not necessary to worry at the moment, this kind of error happens often and can without problem be corrected. If your door window was mentioned on the plan of your house, the rectification will be made. At the site meeting, make a written statement, which you will attach to your LR / AR. This is a simple precaution because at the reception of your house everything will have to conform to the plan. If this were not the case, you would carry it in reserve with a request for correction within a time limit that you would set with the contractor (no more than 3 weeks).

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