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A linear composition is suitable for long pieces. For those with a free wall angle and wide enough, the dressing L is preferred. But, the ultimate is the parallel layout or U, which requires even more space.

6 dressing ideas

Dressing "Optimiz" of Lapeyre


Corner walk in melamine panels ep. 22 mm, with dressing table and light strip.
Drawers and sliding shelves with total output and closing brake.
Dimensions: up to 260 cm high and 80 cm deep possible.
7 decorations to choose from, no apparent drilling.
Price: 1 663 €.

"Anna" Dressing Room of Habitat et Jardin

Six dressing ideas from 335 euros: ideas

Expandable cabinet kit in Baltimore oak melamine panels, ep. 15 mm.
Consisting of three columns of shelves, two with drawers, separated by a wardrobe.
Dimensions: H. 190 x P. 50 x l. 255 cm
Price : 335 €.

Dresser "Pax" from Ikea


Real wardrobe consisting of two structures vis-à-vis.
Black brown melamine combination without door: H. 236.4 x D. 60 cm.
Dimensions: widths from 150 to over 250 cm.
Price: 675 € (250 cm wide).

Dresser "Extenso Elegance" by Sogal.


Dressing U shaped melamine walnut decor, ep. 19 or 25 mm.
Drawers with integrated handle, LED lighting.
Dimensions: H. 229.2 x W. 47.2 cm. Module widths: 65 or 96.7 cm. Wardrobe: 123.7 cm
Price: 2 100 € the whole.

Dressing of

Dressing of

Wardrobe dressing without door to two wardrobes arranged on both sides of a double column of shelves.
White melamine melamine panels, ep. 19 mm.
Dimensions: H. 226.6 x 55 x l. 220 cm
Price: 1 155 €.

Dresser "Jork" of 3 Swiss.

Jork dresser of 3 Swiss

Dressing cabinet ready to mount in light oak and white melamine.
Closet space closed by accordion door.
Outside side: bookcase furniture + corner column.
Dimensions: H. 198 x 133 (short side) x 146.5 cm (long side).
Price: 510 €.

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