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It only takes a few things to make even the most common attractive. So if your stairs seem ordinary and common to cry, dry your tears! Think rather change the dressing of your staircase to give it style and character...

Dress up your stairs with a carpet or stair carpet

This is a simple way to give a youthful look to your wooden staircase, concrete or metal. Carpet and carpet are available in different solid or patterned colors.

The carpet will dress walk and riser on the entire step. For a stair carpet, it is placed in the middle of the step to leave free about 10 cm on each side.

Carpet and carpet provide a good sound insulation but retain the dust.

You can also line the steps of your staircase with a carpet or a carpet in sisal for a natural and ecological decoration.

Walkers to dress up your stairs

If covering completely or almost entirely your staircase does not tempt war, arrange walkers on each step. In the form of a half moon, the walker covers part of the walk as well as the walking nose. In carpet, sisal, rubber and even aluminum, there is something for every taste and every interior. They reduce footfall and ensure safety by being slip-resistant.

Dress your stairs with a tile

Dressing your stairs with a tile is a very interesting solution for a staircase made of concrete, stone or wood. The tiles are resistant and easy to clean. But it is a bit noisier and colder than carpet and carpet.

Always choose anti-slip tiles and planned for an intensive passage.

The tiles sit on the steps and the risers. For more originality, dare to choose a sober tile for the top of the steps and a more colorful ceramic or a pattern for risers.

Paint your stairs to dress it in color

This is another relatively simple and inexpensive way to give character to your staircase whether wood, concrete or metal (iron or steel). Depending on the material of the structure, choose the right paint: Paint for wood or for the floor or metal, each with its own specialty.

In terms of colors, here too the choice is varied. Opt for discretion with beige, white and gray. Be pop and vibrant with red, yellow, orange. Walk one color and countermarch another, be inventive!

For your safety, choose a non-slip paint. She and a higher price but much less than a hospital stay for slipping on the stairs.

Dress your stairs with wood, a safe bet

Elegant and timeless, wood brings warmth and nobility to any home. But solid wood remains an expensive coating.

The laminate then offers a more affordable alternative and just as robust, if it is of good quality. In addition, it comes in imitation of different species. These materials can be matched with wood of course to renew a used staircase but also with steel, stainless steel or aluminum or even concrete.

Linoleum and cork, ecological cladding for your staircase

The lino is strong, rot-proof, bactericidal, waterproof, recyclable and natural. Do not confuse it with PVC or vinyl coatings.
The lino is made of burlap, linseed oil, wood flour and resins. It is therefore an ecological material. As such, it returns to fashion and is a coating perfectly suited for a modern staircase.

Ecological and natural, cork creates a warm atmosphere. Placed on the steps of your staircase, it will make it extremely quiet.

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