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A new product on the floor tile market is coming to France: Fortelock. Innovative and clip-on system, this brand is distinguished by an easy installation that requires no tools. Extremely resistant, these slabs have the advantage of being installed on any type of support and are 100% recyclable.

Fortelock slabs, innovative materials that respect the environment

Fortelock slabs, innovative materials that respect the environment

Fortelock: a green business

The company Fortemix is based in the Czech Republic, near Ostrava. The company specializes in the manufacture of flooring systems for industrial and commercial spaces, but also for residential homes.

Fortelock PVC slabs have already attracted many countries and have enabled the company to establish itself in several European countries including Germany, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia... and now France. Concerned about the environment, the manufacturer Fortelock provides a range of materials both ultra-modern and recyclable. The development of these products gives rise to little waste and noxious emissions for the planet. PVC slabs are manufactured using injection molding machines for energy-efficient raw materials.

The different types of Fortelock slabs

Thanks to the materials that compose them, the vinyl tiles combine strength, durability, stability and resistance. They can be applied in a very large number different places like schools, storage areas, garages, fitness rooms (gym and swimming pool as slabs), shops, exhibition halls, building entrance halls, maritime freight areas...

It exists different types of PVC slabs. For example, INDUSTRY tiles are designed for intensive use. Massive, they are made to withstand heavy loads and can be used in factories, railway stations, shopping malls, schools, sports halls or fire stations. In the event of a fire, Fortelock slabs help to mitigate the spread of fire.

PVC LIGHT slabs are designed for medium intensive use. They are suitable for areas where loading or handling machines are used such as in garages, storage areas, gymnasiums and other miscellaneous workshops.

This type of tile is distinguished by a simple and fast installation. It can in fact be placed only with the help of a rubber hammer and a cutter. In addition, the Fortelock coating also allows you to replace individual slabs or even move the entire floor. This is very advantageous when a change of premises for example.

Fortelock slabs: many advantages...

Slabs also have the advantage of absorbing vibrations and footsteps and offer good thermal insulation through this quality.

The Air-Flow system consisting of small channels prevents stagnation of water in the slabs and the creation of moisture pockets.

In addition, the slabs are made of a majority of recycled materials, it is possible to reuse 100% for the manufacture of new slabs.

And for the design side, the Fortelock collection offers many colors which will allow you to arrange your space to your liking.

Fortelock slabs, innovative materials that respect the environment

Fortelock slabs, innovative materials that respect the environment

The company Fortemix guarantees its slabs 12 years against wear, from the date of manufacture. It should be known that this coating can reach 25 years shelf life.

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