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I wish to acquire a house dating from 1968, whose roof spaces are suitable for conversion. But during the visit, I found that under the roof, almost all the slates are moldy. Is this normal (the real estate agency claims that the roof is dry...) or do you have to renovate the entire roof?

It is never normal that the underside of the slates of a roof is covered with mold: this reveals at least a lack of ventilation that must be corrected. It would be interesting to know if a thin insulation was not previously laid and removed for the purposes of sale, this type of poorly laid product generating condensation on the underside of the cover. The fact that slates bear mold is not, in itself, a problem, as this material is not sensitive to it. It will be enough to brush them. On the other hand, this should prompt you to look closely at the state of the frame, faults, rafters and battens, which may be affected by moisture.

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