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The frame is one of the essential components of the frame of a window. Unlike the moving part of the window called "opening" or "swinging", the frame of a window is the part fixed on the wall which does not move. The frame must be securely riveted and completely waterproof to provide maximum strength and stability to the entire window.

The window frame

The frame of a window

Sleeping, key part of the window

The frame is a very important part of the frame or frame of a window. Attached directly to the masonry, the frame consists of high and low sleepers. Subsequently, it receives the opening frame which is none other than the wing, this portion of the window which is movable.

The assembly, flying and sleeping, serves as a support for the various elements of a window among which we can mention the glazing and the opening and closing system.

It is essential to opt for a good quality frame. This contributes to the durability of the window and its stability. This element of the frame also contributes to the thermal insulation and waterproofness of the assembly as well as the aesthetic appearance of the window.

The choice of a good sleeping

Insofar as the frame constitutes the very base of the window, its choice must be made with great care. It is necessary to take into account of course the aesthetic aspect but also of the technical aspect of the installation and the materials used.

The frame can be made of different materials. The most commonly used are wood, aluminum and PVC. Note that it is possible to combine two materials, in this case wood and aluminum to obtain maximum quality and reduce the financial cost.

The wooden frame has the advantage of being a little more expensive, but it brings cachet to your habitationot. Although wood requires regular maintenance, it is now treated to withstand the weather and insect attacks over the long term.

PVC and aluminum models are gaining more and more popularity. They combine both aesthetics and strength and it is also excellent insulators. In addition, it is possible to choose between different colors, sizes and shapes, depending on each person's preferences.

The professional, an indispensable help

Changing, replacing or renovating the window frame requires technical expertise in glazing, but especially in carpentry, masonry and sometimes cabinetmaking. It is therefore more than advisable to call an expert in this area to not have a bad surprise at the end of the installation.

Before any operation, the professional establishes a preliminary diagnosis on the condition of joinery, the frame, the frame of the window as well as the windows to be preferred. Whether on an existing frame or when creating a new frame, a frame must be well adjusted to provide overall stability to the window, excellent insulation and maximum sealing.

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