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Sliding partitions slide on rails. They can be moved from one end to the other of a room with ease, as needed. It is a practical solution to develop and optimize your interior space.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of sliding partitions?

The advantages of sliding partitions are numerous:

  • Easy installation: a movable partition is simpler and less expensive to install than a conventional interior partition. You have no work or administrative procedures to plan, because the installation of a sliding wall does not change the structure of your home.
  • modularityYou can open or close your mobile partition according to the occasions and needs.
  • Space management: you sometimes need privacy, sometimes need a large living room? The sliding partition is perfect to optimize your interior space.
  • Operation: a sliding partition is very easy to handle. Drag it on the rails, from one side or the other, smoothly, to fit the space.

The sliding partitions are available in different materials: glass, wood, metal... You can also have your sliding partition made to measure.

How to install a sliding partition?

The installation of a sliding partition is quick and easy, but you have to be very rigorous. Here is a summary of the few steps to take:

  • Draw the location of the partition on the floor and ceiling,
  • Cut the rails to the right length,
  • Drill the rails to fix them,
  • Screw the rail to the ceiling, then the rail to the ground (by checking the measurements),
  • Install the panels that will slide on the rails.

Then there will be some finishing to perform. Once your sliding partition is installed, enjoy all its practical advantages and a more comfortable lifestyle!

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