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The manual sliding shutter is a good alternative to conventional shutters (folding, folding, rolling) that often require impractical manipulations. It is a modern version that aesthetically decorates the facades and adapts to all types of architectures.

Types of manual sliding shutters

At the same time an element of comfort and decoration, the manual sliding shutters are declined in several forms, models and in all the dimensions. They can be installed indoors and outdoors, although it is the latter choice that is most commonly practiced.

  • Foldable sliding

This is the most common model. The panels are superimposed one behind the other horizontally by a rail and a ball-bearing system on which they slide. The handling is simple, fast and discreet, no need to go out to close its shutters with the unpleasant sound of the hinges.

  • Sliding slides

Design and contemporary, it is a product much appreciated by the architects. It is the same operation as foldable sliding shutters but in this case the leaves will integrate into the wall walls on each side. This system has many advantages. It brings in particular a high luminosity, a panoramic view on the terrace or the landscape and a gain of place.

  • From classic to originality

There is a wide range of manual sliding shutter styles that coordinate with all types of facades, doors and windows.

The materials used are wood, PVC, aluminum or even mixed (wood / aluminum, aluminum / PVC...). Basically, it is a sliding frame whose interior may be a solid panel but which more generally comprises fixed or movable slats.

We can make its sliding shutter a decorative element with patterns or effects wood, stone but also by customizing it with color, geometric shapes, whimsical patterns, clean forms...

An advantageous product

In addition to a refined aesthetic appearance, the sliding shutters also bring a gain of comfort. Often designed from modern materials, they are highly insulating.

In winter, they avoid heat loss and reduce the heating bill. In summer, the sliding shutters allow to protect from the sun while maintaining aeration. Fixed or moving slat models let light in while serving as a privacy screen for privacy. They also protect windows from wind and weather.

This system saves space both outdoors and indoors depending on where the sliding shutters are installed because there is no need to provide space when opening and closing shutters.

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