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Highly requested daily, the shower is the place in the house where water flow is the most important. And to avoid problems of overflow or stagnation of wastewater, it is important to study the slope of a shower. Here are some tips before starting work.

Slope of shower flow: how to do?

Before thinking about the shape of your catcher, its design and location, the first step in installing a shower is to think about setting up the shower. evacuation system. Under your receiver, a PVC pipe will connect the shower drain to the sewerage network and for the water to flow perfectly, it is essential to calculate the flow gradient. From this slope will depend the proper functioning of your shower.
Indeed, this slope will allow you to avoid any water stagnation. Although it is recommended to choose a slope of 1 to 3 cm per meter to the drainage system, it is best to opt for a slope of 2 cm to facilitate the flow of water.
It is also recommended to install pipes with a minimum diameter of 40 mm to further accelerate the evacuation of wastewater. To be sure of not making an odd, it is better to call on a professional who will know perfectly calculate the flow slope and install the evacuation system.

Slope of shower flow: the precautions to take

When choosing your shower configuration, it is very tempting to opt for a walk-in shower or an extra-flat shower tray. Design, discreet, and ultra-trendy, these walk-in shower trays must be equipped with a good drainage system to prevent flooding in the bathroom.
First choose a bung with a diameter of 90 mm which is the maximum standard dimension. Then equip your shower with a pipe of sufficient diameter to allow rapid evacuation of wastewater. The minimum is 40 mm but as a precaution, it is better to choose a slightly larger diameter. As for the slope, opt for a slope of 3 cm because a walk-in shower or an extra-flat shower tray have no edges and do not hold water. By taking these few precautions, your daily life will be facilitated and your bathroom will not turn into a swimming pool when you take a shower.

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