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I had Renée Brisach install one of their closed fireplace 8 years ago. I wrote to them this year to complain about a problem of smell (tingling of the eyes, headache as if something heating emanated) that has existed since the origin; since I only use it as an element of comfort (I have gas central heating). Their first answer is: given the delay of this claim, we will not take it under warranty. These fumes can be normal to the installation of the hearth (fat...) but must disappear after powerful heating up that you may not have done. I realized this spring important heaters all windows open but nothing helps, smells persist. What to do to get rid of it? what origins?

The first thing to do for your safety is to install a CO detector. Then send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the installer and consumer service of the brand warning them of their liability if you happen to have an accident...

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