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When choosing your smoke detector, it is not always easy to navigate as the offer is varied and the price ranges important. However, we must be vigilant and privilege some labels that will ensure the quality of the product, its compliance with technical standards and its ability to ensure your safety in case of fire.

Smoke detector: a question of label

As with most consumer products, it is recommended to choose them with the CE mark. However, in the case of fire detectors, this label is not enough. It must also include the NF label and the label must show the number EN 14604. This number guarantees that an independent and approved laboratory has checked the conformity of the product. This lab will be responsible for checking the sensitivity, reaction time, firing at a wide variety of fumes and the sound signal strength of your smoke detector. If your detector therefore includes CE and NF labels and the number EN 14604you are sure that this is a model that complies with the technical standards imposed by law.

Mandatory elements

For your smoke detector to be compliant, it must:

  • indicate that the batteries or the battery are faulty
  • issue a sound signal in case of power problem
  • have a power-on indicator
  • transmit an alarm signal a sound level greater than or equal to 85 dB (A) at 3 meters

It must also show:

  • the name or mark and the address of the manufacturer or supplier
  • the number and the date of the standard to which the detector complies
  • the date of manufacture and the lot number
  • the type of battery to use

Your detector must be accompanied by a manual to facilitate its installation.

How much does a standard smoke detector cost?

No need to ruin yourself to equip you with a smoke detector. There are good products working with batteries around 15 euros. Lithium battery models will be more expensive as well as models with more elaborate design. Be aware that the most sophisticated smoke detectors can reach the 100 euros even more. They will not perform better but they will look more modern, more fancy and have additional functions. It's up to you to choose the budget you want for your smoke detector. Consumers generally choose models around 30 euros. Remember that if your house is multi-storey, it will be necessary to equip you with at least one detector per level.

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