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Relatively new on the market, the connected smoke detector uses an internet connection to warn you in case of fire. Another interesting advantage: it prepares you upstream and informs you about the safety instructions to follow.

What is a connected smoke detector?

A connected smoke detector means a detector that is connected to an internet connection, whether it's your home, your mobile phone or your tablet. Thanks to this connection, the smoke detector sends you alerts in the event of a problem and allows you to check whether everything is fine as soon as you want and wherever you are. The connected smoke detector makes it easy to maintain and reassures you even when you're away from home. It is as easy to install as a conventional smoke detector and is very simple to configure. No need to have very advanced computer skills!

How it works?

The connected smoke detector therefore works with an internet connection. It is enough to download an application on your mobile or tablet or create an account on the manufacturer's web page via your computer. It is thanks to this application that you can then receive alerts from your smoke detector. After downloading it, simply set up your smoke detector in just a few steps before you can install it as a conventional detector. In the event of a problem or the beginning of a fire, the connected smoke detector displays a light signal and speaks to inform you. If it is an emergency, the alarm goes off in parallel and you receive an alert on your mobile or tablet. The connected detector also tells you which room triggered the fire and will communicate (depending on the model) in real time the safety instructions to follow according to the problem encountered.

Your connected smoke detector also helps you set up a meeting point for your family and list useful numbers to call in case of emergency. In everyday life, the connected detector is also a smart detector since it checks every single night the level of its battery and the state of the sensors. At night, it detects motion and acts as a night light in the corridors of your home.

Price of a connected smoke detector

The connected smoke detector is one of the next-generation smoke detectors and is not yet very commercialized. It is however possible to find it on the market around 60 euros. Remember thatit is no more efficient or more responsive than a conventional smoke detector. However, it offers more options and offers you the possibility to stay connected to your detector even during your absence.

Note: Always make sure that your smoke detector is compliant (CE and NF mark).

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