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Smooth the walls and clean the air with an innovative coating

And if the renovation of the walls also allowed to clean up the air? By transforming formaldehyde molecules into harmless molecules, SANEO technology® significantly improves the quality of indoor air. Innovation, the Toupret brand smoothing plaster incorporates this technology to purify the air durably. Perfect walls and a healthy air, instructions for use.

Coat and clean up in a single gesture

The implementation of this innovative coating is as for a conventional plaster. Applied and spread with a coating knife, it is then sanded for painting. Used to eliminate holes and cracks and to obtain surfaces free from any irregularities, it also offers sanitizing and depolluting properties.

Renovate and sustainably clean up

The main pollutant of indoor air, formaldehyde is eliminated thanks to SANEO® technology. Efficient and durable, it ensures 60 years of healthier air. To optimize its performance, combine it with a depolluting acrylic paint and apply it on the 4 walls and the ceiling. With this configuration, the formaldehyde content is reduced by 90%. With 4 walls, we move to a rate of 65%. 45% if you use a non-depolluting paint.

Formaldehydes: what is it?

Formaldehydes are pollutants emanating from glues used in the manufacture of furniture and decoration. Inside, difficult to escape these molecules with harmful consequences on health. Respiratory infections, allergies, skin problems: it is important to put everything in place to limit this pollution and the diseases it causes.

Usage tips

Apply the smoothing compound with a roller and smooth it with a squeegee. If you spread the plaster with a painter's knife, also use a spatula, the implementation will be facilitated.

Benefits of Smoothing and Sanitizing Coating

- Ready to use
- Ease of implementation: roll display and squeegee smoothing
- Simple to sand
- Usable for thicknesses of 2 mm
- No smell
- Up to 90% of formaldehyde eliminated
Up to 6 months of effectiveness

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