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My house is 5 years old, is located in the south Rhone Valley and the last snowy episodes filled our attics lost powder snow but very heavy and wet. Consequence: tempered glass wool and water infiltration. Beyond the claims supported by home multi-risk insurance, I would like to know if I can turn against the manufacturer who has not installed a screen under roof or informed risks (region exposed to mistral!). The cover used is the tile Tegusol Silvacane Lafarge whose recommendations recommended the installation of screen under roof: // What can I do? Mail with the insurer of the manufacturer to play the decennial? I took a lot of photos during the snowfall (it's amazing to see "snow" under a roof!)

As a client (ie yourself), Spinetta law 78.12 of 4 January 1978 obliges you to take out a damage insurance which allows you to take charge or execution all repairs covered by the ten-year warranty, without seeking liability of the manufacturer, and without waiting for a court decision.

It is in no case normal to see snow under its roof, this lack of sealing clearly entering in the case of the ten-year guarantee. Play your property damage insurance.

If the result is not forthcoming, proceed to the Court of First Instance if the damage is less than € 7600 or in the case of a Superior Court if the estimated loss is higher. A similar question was recently treated on our site, do not hesitate to consult it by following this LINK.

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