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The crapaudine is a device to protect your gutter. It holds back branches, leaves, and other debris that may clog your gutter and prevent rainwater from flowing. Explanations.

A crapaudine installed in a gutter

A crapaudine installed in a gutter

What's the use of the gutter truss?

The gutters allow the good flow of rainwater around a roof. In particular, they prevent the infiltration of rainwater into a house or a building. But over time, leaves and other debris accumulate in the gutters and can form what is called a plug of material (read our article: Gutter obstructed, what to do?). This plug of materials, if not removed in time, can prevent the proper flow of rainwater or it can do overflow the ducts and create leaks.

The crapaudine is a device to install directly in the gutters to retain branches, leaves, insects, bird's nests and all other debris preventing the flow of water. The crapaudine holds all that accumulated in a gutter, may clog what is called the gutter descent. As a result, the crapaudine is particularly used at the end of the summer to retain the debris associated with falling leaves in autumn.

Features of the Gutter Crapaudine

The crapaudine has a spider shape with several legs. It is generally constructed of material compatible with gutters such as PVC, steel or zinc. Whatever material is used, the crapaudine is resistant and will not rust.

It is available in a diameter of about 80 to 100 mm. The choice and size of the crapaudine depends on the gutter you have, its material and its diameter.

Regarding its price, there are crapaudines accessible from 2, 50 € or up to 5 €. The investment is quite affordable.

How to place the thrust on the gutter?

The crapaudine is placed, at the end of the summer preferably, in a gutter at the birth of the descent. It is recommended regularly empty the crapaudine in order not to create plugs of materials.

You can take care of the installation of the crapaudine taking care to respect some security standards. However it is recommended to use a professional for the installation of gutters and their protections, such as the crapaudine, especially for gutters located high.

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