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 Solar air conditioning

With solar air conditioning, it is now possible to produce cold with heat. This still undeveloped solution offers us yet an ecological and economical alternative to the very energy-intensive traditional air-conditioning and cooling systems. Thus, this week, DuitDesign invites you to discover the solar air conditioning to make you your own opinion on this innovative concept unknown to the general public.

What is solar air conditioning?

Solar air conditioning.

Solar air conditioning encompasses all the techniques to create freshness from solar energy. There are different methods of which the most used are the air conditioning by evaporation or desiccation, and the air conditioning by absorption. In addition, the use of solar energy for an electric air conditioner also falls into the category of solar air conditioning. All of these solutions offer us many advantages, starting with a significant reduction in energy consumption, up to twenty times less than a traditional model. In addition, these systems do not produce pollution and are very quiet, which is far from the case for conventional air conditioners. Regret that they are not yet available for individuals and that the rates are relatively high, about three times more expensive than an electric air conditioner, even if the investment is amortized after a few years. Finally, note that sunlight is non-existent at nightfall which pauses the air conditioning.

The different techniques of solar air conditioning

The most common solar cooling technology is absorption air conditioning. It consists in feeding with a field of solar collectors; a closed circuit absorption machine in which water and lithium bromide are boiled. By evaporating, the resulting fluid produces cold which will then be redistributed as in a conventional air conditioner. Evaporative or desiccant air conditioning relies on the fact that evaporation of water vapor in dry air reduces its temperature. This is an open circuit where the air comes in direct contact with the water that acts as a refrigerant and cools the air temperature. The water passes through a desiccant, a wheel containing a solid desiccant material such as silica gel. These materials are then regenerated using solar energy.

Where to buy a solar air conditioner?

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Currently, it is almost impossible to find a solar air conditioning system on the market. Indeed, most models are prototypes. However, you will find some solar air conditioners available on the internet at the mail order.

While waiting for the possible development of the commercialization of solar air conditioners, Handyman encourages you to cool down your home by using energy-saving solutions such as air fresheners or by closing your shutters during the hottest hours of the day.

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