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In order to define the power required for your photovoltaic installation, various criteria relating to its use must be taken into account. Solar panels: which power to choose for my installation? Should we talk about photovoltaic power or photovoltaic power? Our answers in this article.

Distinguish photovoltaic power and photovoltaic power generation

Photovoltaic power
The power of a solar panel is expressed in kilowatts (kW) and measure the electrical production capacity of your future installation. This is the power you need to choose for your solar panels.

This capacity depends entirely on the panel itself and not on external criteria such as the climate, the orientation or the inclination of the photovoltaic system.

This power is therefore defined by:

  • the materials part of the composition of solar panels;
  • the area Signs.

To note: the most common power for this type of installation varies between 1.5 and 3 kW.

Photovoltaic power generation
Be careful, do not confuse the photovoltaic power of your solar panels and the power of photovoltaic production.

The latter is expressed in Kilowatts-peak and represents the ideal production unit of a solar installation, defined according to the sunshine and ideal conditions such as:

  • that a perfect orientation of the panels;
  • shading nonexistent;
  • etc.

Which photovoltaic power should I choose for my solar panels?

In order to properly choose the photovoltaic power of your future solar panels, you will need to define your daily energy consumption.

This may vary depending on:

  • of your way of life;
  • of yours heating installations;
  • your mode of producing hot water;
  • ventilation, lighting and appliances in your home.

To calculate your electricity consumption, ask yourself the right questions:
1. What will my photovoltaic system need to power? (Lighting, heating, water heater, freezer, dishwasher, television, hi-fi, computer...)
2. How much electricity does this equipment consume?
3. How much time do they work per day?
4. Are they used on an ad hoc or annual basis? (Example: heating in winter and cooling in summer).

Our advice: for define your energy consumption and therefore the power required for your photovoltaic installation, call an independent design office specialist of the sector.

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