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Photovoltaic solar panels, mostly on the roofs of houses, not only produce electricity but also provide the public electricity network and provide a financial income. Cost-effective and environmentally friendly, they are an economical alternative.

Photovoltaic solar panel, how does it work?

Photovoltaic solar panel, how does it work?

How does a photovoltaic solar panel work?

A panel is composed of photovoltaic cells connected to each other. These cells contain silicon (crystal, semiconductor material) distributed over the entire panel. Photons, light produced by the sun's radiation, come into contact with the electrons present in the photovoltaic panels. Their movement creates a continuous current collected by wires in each cell of the panel.

Received by an inverter, the direct current becomes alternating current.

The inverter is a box mounted on a wall that transmits the production of this current to the electric meter.

What does it look like and what happens to the electricity produced by the photovoltaic solar panel?

Present on the roof of a house, a garage or an agricultural building, the solar panel is in the form of a dark metal plate. Ecological device, the new panels are today more discreet and are manufactured in a concern for aesthetics. In fact, photovoltaic solar panels can now replace tiles by placing themselves directly on the frame.

Two types of use are possible. On the one hand, it is possible to resell the electricity to the distributor (EDF or an independent distributor), once the production measured by the meter. On the other hand, your home can directly consume the energy produced by re-injecting it into your own network.

What if I live in a little sunny area?

In cloudy weather, the photovoltaic solar panel produces electricity thanks to diffuse radiation but its production will be diminished. It is not therefore reserved for the sunniest regions.

However, to optimize performance, it is advisable to install these panels on a clear roof facing south. Its installation is delicate and needs to be done by a qualified professional for connection to the network.

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