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Installing photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of his house requires an investment. So it is necessary to know the different options available and their performance.

Photovoltaic solar panel, what performance to expect?

Photovoltaic solar panel, what performance to expect?

What are the different photovoltaic solar panels?

There are three kinds of photovoltaic solar panels.

  • The monocrystalline panel

Its cost is high because manufacturing is more complex, but it has a better performance (between 14 and 16%) than other modules of the same power. Its installation is recommended when the surface is limited.

  • The polycrystalline panel

It is the most common because it enjoys a better quality / price ratio and a long life (about 35 years). On the other hand, it is advisable to install it only in a region with high sunshine.

Their yield is lower (11 to 14%).

  • The amorphous solar panel

It is a flexible panel at lower cost but the yield is the lowest (between 5 and 10%). It works best, however, when the sun is diffused or inside a building.

I live in a region not very sunny, can I install photovoltaic solar panels?

The rate of return depends on three elements: The geographic location of the dwelling, orientation panels and shading.

The energy production by the panels varies from north to south and according to the rate of sunshine. It is therefore impossible to predict the amount of electricity that will be produced.

In France, the panels are ideally exposed south of your home and inclined at 30%. Shading is also to be considered as it can lead to loss of production.

In concrete terms, how is the efficiency of a photovoltaic solar panel calculated?

What to take into account for the calculation:

- The surface of the panel (S)
- The performance of the module (r)
- The sunshine on the surface (on average 1590 kWh / m2 / year for the South of France) (H)
- The loss coefficient (Cp)

The formula is S x r x H x Cp = energy produced.

But do not panic, the professionals are there to do the calculations for you.

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