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The ISF concerns all of a taxpayer's assets, namely movable and immovable property as well as their rights and values. Some property, especially buildings, may be exempt. In detail in this article: the solidarity tax on wealth and real estate assets.

Solidarity tax on wealth, who is concerned?

Any individual may be subject to the ISF, if the net value of its global assets equals or exceeds 1,300,000 € as of January 1st of the current year.

  • Here are taken into account all the property held in France by the tax household (the property of each person in the household).

To note: property income (rent) and salaries are not recorded by the ISF.

Real estate to be declared to the ISF

Regarding the real estate property of the taxpayer, the ISF concerns all its property "immovables" but also its rights: usufruct, right of use, etc.

Must therefore be declared to the tax authorities:

  • each building built (private or rental use)
  • each listed building with historical monuments,
  • each building under construction as of January 1 of 2015
  • each building not built, ie: building land, farmland, etc.

To note: a principal residence is subject to a reduction of 30%.

ISF, potentially exempt real estate

It should be noted here that some properties may be partially or totally exempt from tax.

The goods concerned by this exemption subject to:

  • buildings for professional use (that of the taxpayer concerned);
  • woods and forests whose exploitation is engaged, or devolved to a professional use;
  • rural properties for rent (long-term) or for professional use
  • the rented accommodation in professional furniture.

The scale of the ISF

Share of taxable net worth of assetsApplied rate
€ 800,000 to € 1.3 million0.5%
1.3 million € to 2.57 million €0.70%
2.57 million € to 5 million €1%
€ 5 million to € 10 million1.25%
10 million €1.5%

To note: since the TFR is calculated on the net value of the taxable assets as of January 1st, it is necessary to establish an estimate of this wealth at the time of the declaration.

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